eTools is an online platform that strengthens UNICEF country programme management for results.

eTools simplifies office processes related to implementing partnership management and programme monitoring to help UNICEF staff focus on achieving results in all programme contexts.

eTools Modules & Dashboards


Serves as central repository for CSO partnerships

UNICEF staff can use it as a one stop source for all information necessary for implementation monitoring, including integration with VISION. All validations are fully aligned with UNICEF CSO Procedure.


trip management iconTrip

Centralises staff monitoring activities related to implementing partners

UNICEF staff can plan and report on monitoring activities which are linked to specific implementing partner, results and locations, and assign follow-up action points.


third party management iconThird Party

Receives and manages data from Third Party Monitors

UNICEF staff can assign and manage tasks online for Third Party Monitors who can share progress and reports with UNICEF.


financial assurance iconFinancial

Manages engagement activities with external auditors

UNICEF staff are able to create, assign and manage audits, spot checks and micro assessments, as well as share progress and reports from Auditors back to UNICEF.


financial assurance iconPSEA

Record the assessment of partners’ organisational capacities on PSEA

Partners and UNICEF (i.e. programme officers or UNICEF’s 3rd party service providers) go through this assessment together before entering into a partnership to have a shared understanding of the partner’s organizational strengths and areas of improvement on PSEA. The assessment is recorded in eTools, and related supporting documents are uploaded. Action points can also be assigned.


HACT Assurance Plan

Provides system generated, fully automated assessment and assurance plan in accordance with HACT Procedure

UNICEF staff and management have an overview of the office cash transfers, risk and implementing partnership profile, the status of HACT implementation and summary of financial findings from assurance activities.

CSO Dashboard

Gives an overview of all CSO Partnerships by implementing partner, section and field office for entire country office

UNICEF staff also has an overview of actual disbursement versus period of time and underfunded PDs to monitor the implementation of partnership. All data can be exported and used for custom analysis.

Document Library

Serves as a central repository of all documents and attachments uploaded by users across the eTools modules

UNICEF staff can view documents by partner and access additional information of the documents such as the partner’s vendor number, partner type, source of document, document type and upload date.

eTools Key Features


eTools brings together cross-cutting data from programmes into a set of analytical tools to help staff make programme management decisions.

Access to All Partnerships

It gives UNICEF staff access to data that show all the CSO Partnerships in the entire office which contributes to office transparency and organizational learning.


Document Library

UNICEF staff can store and view all documents related to partners, PCAs, PDs, SSFAs. It reduces reliability on legacy solutions such as shared drives.

eTools Benefits

Avoids manual data entry and duplication of work

Provides linkage between CP outputs and CSO partnerships

Enhances internal process efficiency and office transparency

Monitors links between budget utilization and partnership

Reduction of paper-based and manual solutions

User Support

eTools provides its users with all the information they need to use the platform. With the help of ZenDesk product management software and thanks to its user-centered approach, eTools team is here to answer all the questions you might have on how to use the platform.

eTools team also recognizes the importance of having a detailed knowledge base that is more than just a repository. It consists out of a large number of detailed how to articles and videos.

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